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This week's bulletin (10-02-16)


Darrell Green is now at home from his stay in the hospital and the rehabilitation center. Please say a special prayer for Darrell’s improvement.

Barbara Brammer has been hospitalized recently in the Wise Regional Hospital and undergoing tests. She is scheduled to be moved to the rehabilitation center just south of the hospital. Please remember Barbara in your prayers.

Judy Statzer recently underwent surgery in the Wise Regional Hospital. She was released on Saturday and is now recuperating at home. Please pray for Judy.

Mays Fuqua’s condition remains about the same at this time. Please continue to remember Mays and Billie in your prayers.

Please pray for Floyd and Peggy McCurdy. Floyd is having a very difficult time now, and both he and Peggy need our special prayers.


Funeral services were conducted yesterday for Laverne Moreland. She was a wonderful Christian woman, and a long time member of this congregation. We wish to extend our deepest sympathy to her family in their time of sorrow. Please remember the family in your prayers.


Please mark your calendar for an upcoming Hobo Stew hosted by Gary and Darla Davis at their home. The date is Saturday, October 29. Details to come.

Sunday, October 30, we will have our regular 5th Sunday Fellowship Meal together, following our Sunday morning worship service.


Please Pray for God's Blessings Daily

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